Canada is again the number one country for expatriates

This article will be useful for new Canadians and those, who want to move to this country. For a long time, Canada has been the number one country for immigration. A lot reasons for this can be called, but perhaps the main reason is the availability of immigration process. If you have desire to change your life for better, you can immigrate to Canada easily enough and legally, in a short time to get permanent resident status in Canada, and after a short period (three years of residence in Canada with permanent resident status) to acquire Canadian citizenship.

Perhaps it is worth repeating once again about why Canada has attracted and still attracts those who want a better life. Of course, first of all, because of high living standards. Canada is among the most developed countries of the world, but differs from them that it focuses on the development of social programs - it is well known to the world with socialism in a good sense. By the way, Canada has long been recognized as the number one in the world country to live according to aggregate indexes, and continues to be at the forefront. Not less important is the facts that society is very tolerant - Canadians are sensitive to everything that is happening around, and almost never show aggression. As a result, Canada has a very low crime rate, citizens have friendly attitude towards each other and friendly attitude towards immigrants and new Canadians.

Another thing that attracts to Canada is that Canadian citizenship allows the free entry to most countries of the world without a visa obtaining. All that is required is the presence of a Canadian passport. And getting Canadian citizenship requires only three years of residence in Canada with permanent resident status. I.e. any person who has received an immigrant visa to Canada after three years of residence in Canada is eligible for Canadian citizenship. Practice shows that almost everyone can get Canadian citizenship. The combination of all the pros Canada (we have mentioned only a few of them) with the availability of immigration to Canada has the country the most attractive place for those who are thinking about changing their country of residence.

Of course, all the newcomers are much concerned with accommodation issues. You can buy a real estate in Canada without any legal complications, except protected areas. The procedure is quite simple, the main thing is to turn to a licensed specialist when make a deal. What kind of housing to buy depends on your particular situation. Condominiums or condo apartments in high-rise buildings, which are presented in the secondary market and the primary market, are suitable for couples or students suitable. Families with children often look for a city house or cottage.

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