Nuances of Canadian Real Estate Market

Canada is considered to be one of the best countries in the world in many ways. High standard of living, health care system, education and affordable prices. Stability, which was demonstreated by Canadian real estate market during the crisis made local property attractive investment object. Ownership rights are highly protected in Canada. The whole transaction takes place under the supervision of a lawyer and professional real estate agent, which ensures full transparency. If you buy a property on the secondary market, the history of the apartment will be checked for past 40 years.

Once you have decided to reserve the selected house or apartment, you must pay a deposit of five thousand Canadian dollars. Lawyer's and real estate agent services will cost you $ 1,500, insurance about 200-250 dollars. Housing on the primary real estate market is always insured against construction defects. It is possible to pay for the property in several stages. Real estate agent prepares an investment program and accompanies the transaction (the choice of real estate, contract, financing).

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